Frequently Asked Questions( FAQ’s)

Job Seekers :

1. What does naukriwalkins.com have to offer to an individual job seeker ?
Ans: naukriwalkins.com provides a huge repository of job advertisements that help job seekers find the jobs according to their interest area and location preference.

2. What is your privacy policy ?
Ans: naukriwalkins.com respects the right to confidentiality of a job seeker and guarantees that no personal details and current employment details will be visible to anyone unless the job seeker specifies so.

3. Can I use naukriwalkins.com without registering ?
Ans: Yes, absolutely. You get to search the site for all the job postings without any registration.

4. What is the ‘Jobs by Category’ option provided on the Home Page ?
Ans: The option provides you with a comprehensive list of all the jobs that are available under the chosen category. Clicking on the link further narrows down the category, into the area of specialization that you are looking at.

Recruiters :

1. How can I post a job on naukriwalkins.com ?
Ans: Posting jobs on naukriwalkins.com is quite easy with 3 simple steps:
i) Go to “Post a Job” Page.
ii) Fill the Job Posting form, preview and post it.
iii) Verify your company e-mail address.

2. For how long will my posted jobs remain advertised the site ?
Ans: All jobs remain active on the site for min 30 days or till the date of expiring of the job is given from the date of posting.

3. How long will it take for my job to get reflected on naukriwalkins.com site ?
Ans: It takes 1 day for a job posted to be visible on the site.The job is posted only after confirming all the details to prevent from fake notifications.

4. Do you charge for any thing for posting a job in your site ?
Ans: No, we do not charge anything for posting a job.

5. How to remove a job post by any Recruiter, if job position has been filled ?
Ans: Just, drop us a mail on naukriwalkins@gmail.com writing the necessary and we will do the rest for you.